13 April, 2009

Excellent Excelsior

Utterly un-gentrified (in a good way), the Excelsior district of San Francisco is home to delicious restaurants, bakeries, fascinating shops and lots and lots of bargains. At the far end of The City, it's pretty safe from the forces that have turned so many shopping districts into outdoor shopping malls full of chain stores, overpriced food and useless luxury goods. One of my favorites is the fabulous "Chick N Coop". Delicious sandwiches and dinners at bargain prices served up with more than a bit of sass from the irascible owner. What I like about the place, apart from the food, is that it's a real working class joint like the kind my relatives ate at when The City was predominantly working class. Across the street is a small pharmacy with a marvelous exterior (it's a wonder it AND the storefront are still intact). You don't see many places like this anymore. It's all to found near the far end of Mission Street.

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