18 April, 2009

Earthquake & Fire

Today, April 18th, is the 103rd anniversary of the Great San Francisco Earthquake and Fire. There aren't very many living human survivors of the event, but there are a surprising number of structures that made it through that awful day (or days). I had the pleasure of spending some time across from one this very afternoon. The Flood Mansion (now the Pacific Union Club) is a proud and beautiful reminder of the pre-earthquake city that vanished that day. It's the building to the left of the fountain (The Fountain of the Tortoises, a replica of the the original in Rome) in Huntington Square Park. The building behind the fountain is the Mark Hopkins Hotel, located on the site of the Mark Hopkins Mansion. Another survivor on Nob Hill is the Fairmont Hotel. Both the Flood Mansion and the Fairmont were gutted by the fire, but their structures survived.

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