08 October, 2009

Island Paradise

There's a lot of scary talk regarding the impact of the California budget crisis on our great State Parks. Most of the threatened parks just happen to be in Northern California, as they are many in number and relatively few in visitors compared to the Southland.  Angel Island State Park in San Francisco Bay is one such threatened place.  It really is an Island paradise, just minutes from the Ferry Building or Pier 41 via the Blue and Gold ferry.  Full of history, including the "Ellis Island of the West" and magnificent views, the island SHOULD be a wildly popular place for a weekend adventure.  Alas, it can't pay for itself (where we get the idea that parks should be profit generating enterprises, I'll never know) and is on the hit list.  The closing of any public park is a tragedy, but the shutting-down of a place like Angel Island would be a crime.

1 comment:

  1. In my 16 years in San Francisco, I have yet to go to Angel Island. It's a crime!