18 May, 2009


I came across an old friend on a recent stroll. He looks pretty good, seeing as he's over 40 and has been around the track a few times. I don't know what he'd be doing parked near USF Lone Mountain Campus, but it's really none of my business.
Herbie has a particular significance for me as "The Love Bug"
was the first movie I saw more than one time. In fact, I saw it at least 5 times in it's initial release in 1969 (it was the #1 box office hit that year). I drove my family crazy as I tried to convince every adult relative to take me to see it. My father even painted a model Volkswagen in Herbie's colors. It was the only way to have my own Herbie in the age before massive movie tie-in marketing.
Of course, San Francisco is Herbie's home town. It's nice to know he hasn't forgotten his roots.

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