04 March, 2009

Mountain View in Oakland?

Not that I'm feeling the least bit morbid, but my wanderings have found me in several cemeteries of late. They're marvelous places for history buffs, nature freaks and the exceptionally contemplative. I made a special trip across the bay to Oakland to visit Mountain View Cemetery. Designed by Frederick Law Olmsted (the father of New York City's Central Park) in the 19th Century, the place is one of the Bay Area's under-appreciated treasures. Here we find the final resting place of many California's famous (and infamous). Walking amongst the tombstones is like leafing through a who's who (or who used to be) of San Francisco and California history. I took a photo of these stones because they reminded me, strangely enough, of the great stone carvings of Easter Island ... on a much smaller scale, of course. Did I mention the fantastic views of The City?

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  1. You can find out more about the famous, and not so famous, people buried at beautiful Mountain View Cemetery at www.mountainviewpeople.blogspot.com. Great site, by the way.